Medical advice please - not MS

It’s like this…

A 54-year-old male close relative of mine who doesn’t have MS has had episodes of collapsing in the night en route to the bathroom. His partner has then found him collapsed on the floor and has had difficulty rousing him. She’s quite a forceful lady, so if she’s finding it difficult he must be out cold!

Of course, being a bloke, he’s brushed these episodes away.

But he collapsed early this morning, then couldn’t remember “new” things around him when he was roused.

For example, he can’t remember some painting jobs that were done in his home yesterday, nor a trip to a cafe yesterday, but he can remember the film they watched last night. No problems with his speech nor limbs, before you all shout “TIA”. He’s quite tall so theoretically should have high blood pressure, though I don’t actually know about that…

Anyway, he’s gone off to A&E and will hopefully get some good medical attention and be able to do something to correct the cause of the problems.

Obviously the doctors will be a better bet than you lot for a diagnosis - but we womenfolk are bothered that something might get missed in the rush of A&E. Have you got any ideas / knowledge please? News of similar experiences, solutions and outcomes welcomed.

Worried Lolli xx

Gosh, it could be one of a million things! Best wait and see what they say, eh?

luv Pollx

I could guess at a number of things but would suggest you wait and see.

As an mser you know how many things can cause the same symptoms,and by know how developed a wealth of experience in waiting

I’m sorry thats not more helpful but you could drive yourself nuts thinking all of the possibilities.

Hopefully he is in good hands and I wish him well…will you let us know pls.


Sorry Lolli I am man; well sort of; so wouldn’t know; but as Poll says the hospital will find out could be hundreds; neh thousands of different things. Can I just ask you say

So is it right that tall people have high BP? It’s just that I’m 6ft 2in but have slightly high BP but no matter what I do can’t reduce it. Must try resting and relax more; as you know I’m like a wound up spring; not


Ah, wise words, Poll and Pip… I just can’t help worrying that there’s something life-threatening going on and I don’t like the idea that he’s being rushed along a conveyor belt because the NHS is so stretched and and and I could go on and on and on so I’ll stop there.

He’s been in A&E since crack of sparrows today, but it was three hours until he was seen by someone who knew what they were talking about and he’s still there. I’m the one who believes in doctors, so he’s probably doing his nut by now.

I shall try to be more patient and calm, thank you!


Theoretically tall people MAY have higher blood pressure but that’s just an average.

Not wishing to be tooooo tactless, there’s just a possibility you may have shrunk since you’ve spent the entire last umpteen years of your life sat on your posterior, through no fault of your own. We all shrink with age anyway, but I’m willing to bet (not real money :D) that you’d only just make 6’ if they stretched you out now.

Lolli xx

I’m only 3ft in my wheelchair and oy misses! I don’t call 36 old; sorry meant 63; dislexic.

I appreciate that this must be enormously distressing for you, but guessing really isn’t going to do any good and your relative is in the best possible place for an answer. Of course, thorough investigations can take a fair bit of time, so please be patient.

This is the tricky bit and probably asking the impossible, but getting terribly stressed is not going to help your condition and that is something you can at least try and control. Not easy, but your health is important too.

Ok, it’s impossible.

Hi Lolli.

Could be this?:

I have something similar. On one occasion I ended up in A&E. They were crap and after coming up blank finally told me I’d had a panic attack (yeah, dead scary sitting on a loo during a night out with mates at a comedy club!), but it turned out to be related to vasovagal syncope. It can be very confusing and very scary, but as far as I know, it’s not dangerous (as long as you fall safely when you black out mind you).

I hope he’ll be fine.

Karen x

I thought you’d only got one foot and now you’re claiming to have three… [I’ll get my coat]

You’re right, of course, but sitting doing nothing won’t do any good either and that’s the story I’m sticking to. Thank you for your concern.

Ahhh, what I like about that is that the symptoms can be dealt with, and possibly the cause too. Thank you SO much for posting that. No idea whether it’s “the answer”, but it’s certainly a good lead and we’re discussing this now.

Thank y’all!

Lolli xx