I don't feel real

Hi all This is going to seem weird I don’t know whether to go to A&E. I have been aching weak tired for two months now with balance issues and pins and needles etc and today I am having the strangest experience I still have all of the above but don’t feel like it’s me in my body I know I am walking/ sitting but I don’t feel like I am doing it i feel a bit distant I just noticed that my skin is cold but I feel warm I have two wet patches on my legs that are actually dry and have nearly fell over twice just now and still feel woozy lying down like I am tipsy or that half asleep feeling you get when you get up in the night Will A&E help me or will they just say my vitals are fine and send me on my way to wait for my scan? I just don’t feel right…

I feel like they have to do something to help you if you explain it to them like that. It sounds like one of the things you are experiencing could be a severe case of vertigo so I think at the least they should treat you for that.

Personally, I don’t recommend A&E unless it’s absolutely unavoidable. I had the misfortune to go there recently, for reasons unrelated to MS (had an accident and needed to get checked out). I spent over eight hours on a trolley, with just one cup of tea and no food, and was discharged at half-past-ten at night, to make my own way home to a house with hardly any groceries (I’d been planning to go shopping when I had my accident). If you are already being investigated for MS (or similar), I’d say it’s not an accident or an emergency, and you can spare yourself AND an overstretched A&E department the hassle. Why not just ring your GP in the morning, and see if they can prescribe anything, and/or do anything to bring forward your scan? Tina

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Hi Evie, I know exactly how you feel I actually ended up in a&e the day before xmas eve. I was sat in the pictures feeling unreal, I had to get up and go out and get air and water, my heart was racing and I started getting pins and needles in my face (worse than I usually have) All my vitals were clear apart from when I first went in my Bp and hr were high so they hooked me up to a ECG and put a canular in and took bloods all fine - but said they thought I’d had a panic attack. Which explained a lot as I’ve been very anxious waiting for an MRI I had this morning and the results!. I had also started taking cilitipram (sp) which I don’t think helped- I’ve stopped them. Hope that helps xx

i am 64yrs old,i started and did not know why. i have had 6 falls within five months. they have been injured in numerous of them, from skinned knees to a balck and blue face for weeks. i then started to feel back discomfort, and left leg heaviness , weakness and numbness. thinking it was my back went to orth dr, who put me on steroids and physical therapy. no changes after pt, I’ve have had visual difficulties, last year, not relating it. i lost vision l eye for a few hours, then had double vision for 5 months, i went to neuro ophthalmologist, who informed me i had 1, 2 and 3rd cranial nerve palsy, again treated with steroids. ii went to my gp, because i was still falling, she informed me i have a drop foot and thats why i am falling. i have been using a cane, for stability which def helping, when i loose balance.she recommended a stat mri of lumbar. and stat follow up with neuro. it showed ls spine protrusion and bulging. returned to neuro surgeon who informed me he did not fel it was orthopedic, he felt it was neuro related. still waiting for my neuro appt which took seven weeks, today had mri of brain and neck. my symptoms have been worsening. last night my foot was bleeding and did know why, looked carefully and found rather large oiece of glass in my foot, but i didn’t feel anything. I’m having urinaarynurgency with episodes of incontinencs for about 7-8 months, thinking its old age. now having problems remembering things, still having back pain, muscle spasms. l leg weakness and numbness. has anuone else have similar symptoms and its not ms