Losing the plot

Hi I apologise in advance for wasting everyone’s time but I feel like I’m losing the plot. I’ve been experiencing weird occurrences for about six months. I saw my GP just under two weeks ago who said she would do an urgent referral to the Neurology department. My appointment has come through for 18th September. Basically I’ve been experiencing numbness, tingling and spasms (I think you’d call it) in my face. Also my vision goes blurry for about 20mins followed by a period of ‘thick headness’. My hands have also experienced numbness/tingling and my legs have gone dead a couple of times. I have to point out though the face/hands tingling etc is only on one side. At the moment I have a constant tingling on my left cheek and its doing my head in. I did what I tell other people not to do and Googled these symptoms and here I am. I know these symptoms are nothing compared to what other people go through but if anyone out there has experienced similar I would really appreciate any advice/comments. To be honest I feel guilty even taking up a Neurology appt but this is getting me down. Apologies for rambling but thanks for reading.


Please don’t feel you are wasting anyones time - we are more than happy to help if we can. My symptoms started on one side of my body as well, they didn’t hurt but like you I found it infuriating.

The trouble with MS is that there are so many symptoms which can be symptoms for lots of other conditions, so it can take quite a while to rule things out along the way. For your first neuro appt i would suggest taking a list of your symptoms in the order they started (keep it brief though - neuros run away from reams of paper!)

You will not be wasting the neuro’s time either, you are experiencing symptoms - their job is to find you some answers. I hope it goes well for you, let us know how you get on?

Laura x

Hi Laura

Many thanks for your reply and kind words. I will definitely take a list of symptoms, I did start keeping a diary of the occurences but stopped because I told myself I was being a drama queen :slight_smile:

I had a blood test two weeks ago, the day the GP mentioned a neuro appt. I then had a letter asking me to have another blood test in four weeks. I did ask the receptionist what that meant and she wasnt sure. Probably nothing to worry about I suppose.

I’m sure I’ll be okay, I think mum is more worried than me. In her words ‘whatever it is we’ll face it together’. Bless.

Will defintely let you know how I get on. Thanks again.

Hayley x