Losing my balance recently

I used to be known as ‘the cat’ my balance and reflexes were exceptional.

Last week I was stood on the bed, dusting off the ceiling fan due to the excessive heat it needed to go on. Job done I attempted to get down to the bedroom floor.

I shuffled my feet to the mattress edge, then both legs went, suddenly lost my balance - I was propelled head first into a mirrored wardrobe.

Thankfully my reflexes threw my hands straight forward - my head was an inch away from the mirrored door…

To say it was a close shave as I stared at my reflection . .is an understatement.

I have been losing my footing recently, cant use ladders at work - I tried a step ladder only about 5ft up the steps and slipped forward which was terrifying.

Glad no premanent injury.

There’s 3 things for balance sight, inner ear and I can never remember the 3rd. My balance gets worst the longer I have my eyes closed or at night if the lights not on ;/

Possibilities I’d say could be a relapse affecting your balance and footing. Could be an ear infection.
Maybe tired
Maybe a UTI
Heat, hotter it is the worse some of us get.

If it’s an infection identifying that and getting something for it should get you back on your feet, hopefully more stable.

If you’ve ever had balance or mobility issues during a previous relapse the heat could be aggrevating it causing it the return until you cool back down. Sure some others could make better suggestions if its the heat. I can only suggest stay out of the sun and drink cold drinks.

While heading towards a mirror was clearly bad, it could have been worse, you could have broke the mirror (was going to put a smiley to lighten the mood but I can rarely find a suitable one.) My house has a stiarcase with one side open. Came round the corner at the top. made 1 maybe 2 steps and lost my footing. Over the side which is 4 steps from the top and landed quite hard almost 2 meters away. Thankfully behind open planned the back of a 2 seater cushioned my head, neck and one arm. Back and elbow hurt for a few weeks but no cuts or broken bones.

Wow your fall makes mine seem a lot less serious - glad you made a swift recovery.

I am tripping over my feet recently - since February legs have been mostly numb. I try to drink a good 2 litres per day. I may have been dehydrated last week due to heat wave … .

I certainly wont be standing on the bed in the near future…

Have 4 days off now, going to rest and relax…on terra firma…

The third thing for balance is proprioception - ie the messages from your muscles to the brain, picking up movement, swaying etc. If you have numb legs, it could well be that affecting our balance.

Glad you got away without major damage to yourself or to your wardrobe.

@ Tarka
If you’re tripping it could be footdrop. Front of foot/toes area, hangs and doesn’t raise upwards like it should when you take a step. If it hangs lower when you take a step it doesn’t clear objects making you trip more. I’ve had a foot brace that helps me as I would trip going up the stairs and on kerbs after crossing the road all the time.

If it’s consistant it may be worth mentioning it to your MS team.

@Ziola Thanks, just one more thing I forgot and couldn’t be bothered to look up.

Glad you are OK! I was putting some curtains up once and I stepped to adjust them 9’ high ceilings, my head just missd the table, but I’m stll here!

Glad you’re ok from your fall. My balance is bad if im walking when its pitch black , i also loose my balance if i am standing with my eyes closed , hence i have to sit in the shower when washing my hair.

The slightly worrying thing is I that live in a 3 floor house (4 if you count the attic bedroom) If im sat in the living room - to use the bathroom that is 4 stair flights to tackle. Zut Alors!! as the French would say…

I’m aways holding on to the rail whereas a year ago I was hopping down the stairs with both hands full. … .C’est la Vie!!!

Cannot complain really, I am off to London next week with my 15 year old to watch the musical Evan Hansen - so something to look forward to…

Hi I am glad you’re ok, and hopefully it was the heat etc and a one off. But in case it’s ongoing… my partner with MS started to get ongoing balance problems, and was given a medication called prochlorperazine. It worked, as he hasn’t had the problem since.

I may be getting some sensation back in my left hand…which is a start…balance on terra firma is not bad - my left knee was twisted badly in Oct 21, still giving me pain - takes my mind off the MS when I walk…

Numbness in face seems to be lessening - had that for 12 years so very used to it… . As I say to my friend who has CP - just have to keep on trucking :truck: