Collapse/Walking Getting Worse

On Thursday, I found it very distressing when walking up the street. So much so that my legs wouldn’t work and I ended up collapsing on the road on the estate. Should I report this to my MS nurse and is there anything I can be given to help this? My right leg seems a lot stiffer when walking and my spastic gait seems more prominent. I do exercise at my MS Research and Relief centre but have missed the last two weeks because a back injury. Could this be the effect of missing the last 2 weeks? Boy, do I not like MS!

Hi Mr Grumpy, oh you poor thing!

I would think it’s more likely the result of the heatwave.

Yes contact your MS nurse… see what she says. There are drugs that can help with the spastic gait.

Do you use a stick?

It might just have been a ‘one off’… but I know how these things dent our confidence.

I did physio for 6 weeks (she came to my house once a week for 6 weeks) and taught me some good stuff to avoid falling (though admittedly in the situation you were in I’m not sure if it would have helped).

But just in case it’s helpful in another situation… I always seemed to fall right as I got up out of chair or off bed, and she showed me how I was getting up and starting to walk immediatly… well hell let’s face it… like I had safely done all of my life! But she taught me to stand, and stop, get my balance and then walk.

Contact the MS nurse but also remind yourself that it might have been a ‘one off’ event and probably caused by the heat.

Hope you doing ok,

Pat x

Cheers Pat, I too think it may have been down to the heat. Yes I do use a stick which I used to get me back up eventually.Felt quite embarrassed at falling in the street thinking that any onlooker who didn’t know me would have thought I was a drunk. In this particular case, my legs would not go forward and only went backwards taking me onto the road.

That’s rotten :frowning:

I remember last summer, I’d just left the gym (where I’d taught a class!) and suddenly my legs were going sort of collapsible and I had to lean on the glass window of pizza express to take a rest and try to actually breath again before I could lurch back to the car. That was in a town centre on a Saturday afternoon. Maybe that was the heat as I sure feel the effects of that now…

My first proper fall was in December - Christmas shopping was sprawled out across the pavement, along with me.

I look back now and think how blind was I not to realise there was something really wrong! The falls and collapses are really scary not to mention humiliating. I’m one of the worst for trying to push through it and I’m only just getting the message that sometime I need to slow down a bit.

Speak to your MS nurse for sure and take care of yourself!

Sonia x

Hi Mr. Grumpy,

I am so sorry for you, I know how humiliating it feels. The dreadful heat may well

be a contributory factor this time, but speak to your ms nurse for reassurance.

Take care

Pam x

Hi Mr Grumpy, So sorry to hear this…expect it’s the last thing you need on top of everything else. Here’s hoping its the heat that’s causing the problem. Hope you are coping. Take care of yourself, Nina x

I’ve called my MS nurse and she puts it down to the heat. If symptoms get worse, I can make an appointment for a check up. Frightened to make the same journey again at the moment but this heat can’t continue for ever.

Hi Mr Grumpy, My legs have been really dreadful in the heat, so your problems may well be down to that! Hope they improve very soon- mine don’t seem to be doing so, even though it has become a lot cooler! Teresa xx

I had a fall at home the other week and nose dived into the carpet causing huge carpet burns to my cheek & forehead. I rang my MS nurse & OT therapist to tell them if they needed to know, but they just said if it happens again call 999 If i fall again and knock myself unconsious… how the hell can i ring 999 as i live on my own

Hi Dave,

As you live alone, would it be a good idea for you to have a lifeline

installed, whereby you either wear it as a necklace or around your

wrist, and if you need to summon help you just press the button on


Either your OT or your local housing authority would be the people to

ask about them for more information.

Hope this helps

Pam x

Hi Mr Grumpy,

How are you doing now? I hope you’re doing better now that the worst of the heat is over.

All the best,


I’ve stayed on my feet since then, thanks Chris. It’s definitely cooler now. The fan that I carried into my bedroom is just gathering dust now.

Been finding it hard, however, since the love of my life left me coping on my own. Me and the walls are getting quite close!

Take care.

Hi I can fully understand your comments re: walking and falling! I use my walking stick but still manage to either lose my balance or trip over the smallest of nicks. I too try to keep up with my exercises but find after awhile my back starts hurting and I have to give them up for a few days…very frustrating, I seem lost for answers. My life seems to be spiralling downwards.