loss of balance n OUCH

In a lot of pain, just stood up n lost my balance, I ended up falling on the coffee table, tipping it over n hit my side on the bottom of the fireplace, everythin is freakin hurtin, my side feels like its bin hit by a sack of bricks, I’ve hsd enough of ms, I don’t want it anymore

Oh how awful, hope you haven’t hurt yourself too much. I think the loss of balance and dizzyness is one of the hardest symptoms to deal with and can take us by surprise sometimes. Hope you’re ok and haven’t done too much damage. x

I always thought loss of balancemeant you just go a bit wobbly on your feet I’ve had that a lot but nothing like this before, now got my backside glued to the settee, too scared to move incase it happens again and besides I’m hurting too much

It’s vertigo I think. I can now usually tell when it’s at it’s worst so make sure i don’t undertake any activities that might mean i’ll fall over but still takes me by surprise at times. My “wobblyness” is generally more to do with the waekness and losss of feeling in my leg. I’ve had a few falls similar to yours, last time nearly knocked my self out when my head hit the radiator You should definately rest up and try not to do too much until you feel better, and please be careful with stairs! Take care x

Hello Murphy,

I do sympathise. Unless I concentrate when walking it is so easy for me to loose my balance. Trying to pick something up from the floor, turning a corner when walking, having a pee and using a catheter are just some of the things when I can lose my balance. Terrified it might happen on the stairs

I always try to hold on to something - furniture walk. My indoor rollator is a big help. I can put things onto the hard seat or into the basket

My balance is not helped by loss of use of left leg. Cannot be sure that it always hits the floor at the right angle.

Enough of this, yes MS sucks, just got to smile


Been there, done that, and only last week.

Moving from the dresser to the table with two water glasses. My foot drags on the floor and I start to go sideways. I get one glass onto the table, grab the back of a chair, which rocks sideways and I am now falling and twisting and my head hits the stone fireplace with a real crack, and as I go down I am thinking “I hope I don’t do a hip”, and then I am on the floor still clutching one water glass, spectacles knocked sideways, and head hurting. So I put the glass down, and then take my glasses and put them safe, and put my hand to my head and it is sort of warm and sticky and red …
My wife arrives on the verge of panic, and gets a roll of kitchen wipes from the bulk pack, and we can soak up the worst of the blood from my head, and I can move and she can get into the kitchen and get a wet towel, and start cleaning my head up, and dinner is on the table and getting cold. The bleeding slows right down to a sort of seep, Wife gets the next door neighbour who is still an active nurse, my head gets bandaged, and I get a cuppa and some Paracetamol, and life slowly gets back to normal. That is if you consider a fella in a shower cap to be normal - and I still need it so the dressing does not get wet…

Of course, the spectacles have dislodged a hearing aid, and please do not tread on it, and it is finally found down the back of my shirt collar. It was almost good for a laugh. Almost, but not quite!


Know what you mean, in fact I am thinking of installing memory foam floors. Initially thought of rubber ones but had visions of bouncing from my back on to my front in a never ending sequence of moves which would probably get 4 yes’s on Britains Got Talent. Decided instead just to try to be a bit more careful. Easier said than done, I was watching a war film and there was a destroyer pitching about in the Atlantic in a force 10 gale which was more stable than I am most days. I have noticed that my legs are a lot weaker nowadays and the right one often gives way without warning which is a bit embarassing if you are outside. It is not very dignified trying to get back on your feet with only the aid of two walking sticks whilst at the same time pig headedly refusing all offers of help. There have been times I have been down so long I have contemplated getting myself a blanket, a whippet, a paper cup, and a copy of the big issue. Well you got to try to make the best of every opportunity. Of course I would declare any money I managed to collest to our oh so caring government.