looking to build an online support group

Hi everybody,

I used this forum for the first time today and it helped me enormously. I would like to meet people in the chat room to create an informal support group - people who can talk to each other about whatever is getting them down or up on a given day. I live in Abu Dhabi and have no MS support network at all - Ive got a neurologist who writes me prescriptions and he has a really good nurse but neither of them are available in the way an MS specialist and an MS nurse would be back home. I found today that by having a chat with the MS helpline and exchanging a few messages in the forum, my spirits were lifted and I got things back in perspective. Ive got a mild flu, after having a monster hang over and I have felt like crap for four days. end of story. Ill be better in a couple of days.

Take care and let me know if you would like to form a group.

just ask anyone who is interested - ie you and me so far :slight_smile: to check tin to this forum as and when they want to and look for a thread with a name of our choosing, leave messages with that name in the header, job done. it will gain the momentum it needs I guess.

what would you like to talk about?


theres several set up already-why not join them? ms-uk has 3 sessions per week-easily found in a search…

ellie x

Hi, how would another support group differ from this?

I have several buddies and we pm each other some days, back and forth and we talk about particular things that may be bothering us.

It`s worked ok so far.

I guess you feel out on a limb so far from home, eh?

luv Pollx

Hi, I was diagnosed 13 years ago in Singapore and had the dubious pleasure of being the only person in SE Asia on beta-interferon at that time.

There are others in the middle east with MS, but it is difficult to build a support group.

One of the best things to do is stay here - you’ll find a better cross-section of MSers here (make sure you read the Barts blog as well) and it’s the best online support group around.

I live in Spain now and still drop in here from time to time.

You could (if you wish) start a private facebook site for people in a similar position to you. Experience and experiences count for a lot in MS.

Facebook is great for sharing crappy days and symptoms and your posts don’t move from the front page so quickly.

Finding other expats is the problem - but you never know, you may be lucky and have a great support group very quickly.

best wishes,


I guess I am trying to make connections

thanks for all the messgaes

and see you around