Setting up a support group in my area

Hello everybody,

My mum has progressive MS and there has been little to no support in our area. We have done our best to get support from other towns. We struggle to get communication from one town’s support group. The other is an hour and a half round trip.

So, what I would like to ask if, how do I go about putting together a support group in my own town? I run a registered charity of my own so am exceptionally busy but I can certainly spare an afternoon a week to put together a group. There must be others in our town which also struggle to find support in this area.

I have quite a few contacts in yoga, diet etc that could probably help.

Any advice on setting up a support group? How do I start? Is there anybody from MS Society who could advise?

Thank you


Hi Alex.

If you can get in touch with our Supporter Care team: they will be more than happy to run through the options with you in regards to setting up a group.


Oliver - admin