Looking for some support awaiting tests

Hello. I am very new to this site (Just the last few hours) and am currently throwing the idea around my busy brain that I may have MS. It is literally only as I have just been browsing and googling symptoms as you do. I went to the Drs last week and he has referred me to a TIA clinic this Wednesday but I am not convinced that is what I have had. Over the last few weeks I have had this terrible feeling of something crawling up my wrist, I had a huge episode of dizziness / vertigo, I have tingling in my fingers, often heavy feeling arms and jaw. I have on occasions over the last few months mixed up my words or got a little muddled. I do put this down to anxiety as I lead quite a stressful life. I sometimes have a feeling of something running my head above my left ear. All a little bizarre. Oh and sometimes shaking like there is a small earthquake at night. I hope I am over thinking this but maybe someone has some thoughts :slight_smile: Thank you so much. Sarah

Hi Sarah,

I’m afraid that people here on the Forum aren’t qualified or equipped to make any diagnosis. And it would be foolish and irresponsible for anyone to do so.

The trouble with searching symptoms on the Internet is that there are a lot of conditions with similar signs. Even then a consultant neurologist will need to distinguish between the different types of MS. This is necessary to determine which form of treatment is most suitable.

You will need to wait and see what your next appointment turns up. If the doctor thinks that you may have a neurological condition s/he will probably refer you for a MRI scan. Until, or if, that happens you can relax and put your trust in the people with the education, training and qualifications.

Best wishes,


listen to anthony’s words of wisdom.

TIAs are mini - strokes so although not as bad as ms, still pretty scary.

whatever it turns out to be, you have some clever doctors who are going to investigate.