London? Piece of cake!

Hello from sunny Crowborough.

Having booked a trip up north with National Express, I was left disappointed that they deemed it impossible to deploy the wheelchair lift at my chosen departure point.

At least it gave me the opportunity to stroll through London on a pleasant morning.

Best wishes, Steve


Greetings Steve.

You should get a Dictaphone, to add some sound snippets to your story.

I’m surprised you didn’t visit the philharmonic, to hear the orchestra practising.

All the pert buttocks are too captivating, I know. There’s plenty of arses in London.

Maybe next time, you could visit Madam 2 Swords.

Take it easy in your tank.



Excellent blog Steve!

Hope the whole trip went well and so pleased you enjoyed people watching in London.

St Pancras has now been refurbished and turned back into a hotel (which it was built as). Apparently it’s gorgeous inside… but a tad pricey for the likes of us.

All the best and thanks… was a good read.

Pat xx


Hi Steve

As usual a fantastic blog, I almost feel I am taking part in your adventure because your writing is so explanatory, many thanks.

I do think your brave though, being a ‘country bumpkin’ I have only ever ventured to London on the odd occasion, and it was like being in a whirlwind, people of all shapes, sizes and colours buzzing around with no time to spare, and what I found really strange was that no one speaks to anyone. So so different to where I live, most people acknowledge one another theY come across, and normally stop and have a little natter, but after saying that, everyone knows everyone, not so in a city.

Think I will stick to what is my normal.

Have a lovely weekend.

Pam x

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Lovely blog Steve. I enjoyed reading about your adventures. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Brllant blog Steve,i always feel inspired by your adventures. i think you are amazing nothing seems to stop you. Im off an adventure on Friday im going to Glasgow again with isabelle and Frazer to see my boys. Jonathan my eldest is picking me up so ill have to take my old chair and plug the charger in on the train, im so used to the new one now but Jonathan only has a small car and the old chair comes apart although the batteries are very heavy. Jamie my other son has moved to Dunoon he works as a reabilitation instuctor and visits all the islands. im hoping ill see them both but its a flying visit i go Friday and im back on Sunday.

sorry for all the spelling mistakes im tired today.

Michelle and Frazer xx

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i too like your blogs,i feel like i have been on the trip with you,i really admire you getting out and about like you do,it cant be easy for you,but you dont let it stop you.I need a kick up my bum to get out more,just dont have the desire to.

J x

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So London is accessible?


Hello Fay.

The pavements are ok, the Barbican and the Southbank are too. There is wheelchair access to most of the galleries and museums (Courtaulds was quite hard work to get in ). The buses are ok if you are patient but the tube is rubbish. I don’t know about the theatres though.

I love London in the summer now I don’t need to associate it with work. I often roll between Charing Cross and Euston when I’m heading up north.


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