l'm taking up skate-boarding!


As l need to keep legs exercised, and muscles toned, before l have my knee-replacement. lt has been recommended that l get a skate-board and when l am sat down - l have to roll the skate-board back and forward. l can see my daughters old board - up on the top shelf in the lean-to. Shall see if l can knock it down with a broom. Might look out all the ‘gear’ she used to wear with it - elbow/knee pads/ helmet/gloves - got to look the part. lts on the shelf along with her body-board/kick-boxing gloves/mountain biking gear/scuba-diving/you name it -she has done it. You have got to look the part!!!

Hi Spacejacket,

A physio said to me to use a wobble board when sitting. You can exercise your ankles and legs very well.

Moyna xxx

eeee Frances, whatever next…did I see you on that programme about hoarding? But had you not held onto the stuff, you wouldnt be able to comply with the exercises suggested. Is there any wall scaling kit there?

Now dont go doing yourself a mischief shifting the pile, eh?

luv Poll

ps when is the op? With the new hip and knee, we`ll be calling you The Bionic Woman.


OH’s mountaineering equipment -including abseiling - squash/rugby/ windsurfing/diving/kayaks/archery/camping - you name it we have it. All now probably worthless as out of fashion. The only stuff that gets used now is the Angling gear. But then that involves deep-sea fishing and fly.Eel traps/crayfish traps. My horse-riding/driving kit is also quite extensive. Washing machine is full of numnahs now. And l am always repairing their rugs. With the horses tack - even when not in regular use they all need to be often cleaned and oiled to keep the leather in good order. l do like everything to be in its ‘place’. As my dad used to say - A place for everything and everything in its place.’

Get a baseball cap that only fits backwards and pump some attitude. You might also want to learn a few teenage phrases like “uuhhh” or “uuhhh” Good wishes.

Good ideas Steve - might try having my trousers half-mast with me pants showing over the top - perhaps that is over the top!