|I have PPMS and have to get up 2 or 3 times during the night to pee. Do others have the same problem or is just my age (77)

I used to get urgency to urinate and bladder leakage, but not so much now, I completely cut out Caffeine + Alcohol + Soft Drinks. :beverage_box:

Hi Dorisbiggles, I totally get this, I used to be up 3/4 times a night, I was referred to the continence clinic and had to keep a diary for 1 week, it turned out I was urinating upto 16/18 times in a 24hr cycle, not good, this was down to the MS, Im SPMS, I now have botox injections every 5mths to help with this and it does upto a point, now I’m only up once or twice, until the botox starts to wear off, I’m having it again the end of August.

Jean x

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