Living with a urinary catheter.

As from May 14th - anyone interested in this subject will be pleased to know that a new website based on research from folk who know all about living with a Supra Pubic Catheter and Urethal Catheters has been produced by Oxford Uni. lts called living with a urinary catheter -chronic illnesses. lts made up from personal interviews with people of all ages and illnesses. So not just MS.

l am in the over 65 group [even though l am only 32]. l hope it will put anyones mind to rest if faced with decisions on how to cope with bladder incontinence. l was videod because of the way l manage my SPC. Not thinking that my only claim to fame, at my age, involved undoing my flies and showing my cath!!! This happened last year - and since then l have lost 20lb in weight. Now thats very unfair.

But joking aside - l do hope some of you get some useful and helpful knowledge from the site.


Hi Campion, I will definitely give it a look tomorrow, and thanks for all your advice on my SPC. So far so good but still feeling quite sore. Anne x.

Hi F, nice to see you back on here.Would a squirt of WD40 be of any use or are things settling down?That site looks like it’ll be of great use to peeps joining your esteemed club and possibly not just MS Crew. BRAVO

Oh,if you were a bloke showing off your Cath’ is technically Indecent Exposure, unless you’re doing the Elephant Joke…“The defence rests”

S xx

Really good site, thanks for the link, I too am a SPC person, interesting to hear other people’s opinions etc.

I will definitely be taking a look! Thanks for the info Linda x

Hi Frances, thanks for the info hun.

I see a urologist tomorrow re an spc myself.

I chuffin` need it NOW, as so far today I have wet myself 3 times!!!

luv Pollx

Good luck, Poll. It sounds like it will make a mahoosive difference to you. Xx