Living Disease Free Academy

Afternoon, all.

Has anyone online heard of the Living Disease Free Academy and it’s founder Pam Bartha. Really interested to know your experience with this pls?

No, but will have a look.

Jean x

What she is doing seems to have much in common with Terry Wahl’s diet, and also Mathew Embry’s MS Hope, but the difference is she seems to be wanting to make a lot of money out of people. Read the reviews of her book on Amazon - quite revealing. I suggest you look at them all, see what they have in common and then see where researching more on these ideas takes you. There is a great deal of very good information including plenty of research papers out there.

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Awesome - tyvm :slight_smile:

Afternoon, all.

As an update, I have totally discounted the Pam Bartha scenario but I have found something more interesting and not financially based. You may want to read up on a Dr Terry Wahls who has a very interesting approach and thought process in a similar train of thought but seems far more reliable. Add to that, a book by a Professor George Jelinek called “Overcoming MS” which has the backing of the Queen’s physician. Both schools of thought track along how to alleviate MS debilitation through lifestyle and dietary changes but doesn’t profess to cure MS which I thought was quite refreshing. I am still in the early stages of reading through it all but thought you may want to read for yourself.

Stay safe & sane :slight_smile:

Hi, both Terry Wahls and Dr Jellyneck`s theories/books have been talked about here some years ago.

Many people feel they benefitted from them.


Good to know - many thanks