Living alone

Unfortunately due to my marriage breaking down, I’ll be living on my own for the first time in many years. I’m (only) 49 and am struggling to find appropriate sheltered housing. After being diagnosed now for 11 years plus I just want to hear any practicle advise from those who have been through a similar situation. This isn’t a pity party or a cry for help, i’m Fortunate that I will be able to buy my own apartment and have a wet room, i’m Now wheelchair bound. I’m based in the Dudley area and would like moving advice and recommendations for a wetroom installer, plus any other relevant advice I can get. I got five daughters the eldest two can drive and will help me out as required, it’s just daunting so any advice would be gratefully received.



Hello Mark, the only advice I can give is to think well in advance as to what needs to be done. So make lists and tick them off as you do things. Find a good removal firm that will pack your things for you. Most importantly though make sure you have plenty of rest.

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Will do thankyou

Mdr1969, this may be of assistance -

Good luck

Hi Mark,

Sorry to hear about your situation.

I think Horsemad has given you some good pointers especially the ‘get plenty of rest’ as you WILL need it.

I’m not from the Dudley area myself sorry, but do you not have an Independent Living Team via your local Council or even your MS Team that could help you out in anyway?

I’ve noticed one or two members have moved recently so they might be able to offer you some more sound advice with things and hopefully there might be a member more local to you that can offer you further advice.

Hope everything goes OK for you.

Twinkle Toes x

Hello Mark.

After the break up of my own marriage, I have successfully moved into sheltered accommodation. It took a couple of years to find the right place, sell my old flat and finally move. I did my best to stay calm about it all but it was difficult. The best advice I can offer is to think about yourself. You are the priority. It’s not being self-centred and attention-seeking, it’s about survival. Your intended path will happen if you want it to. Unfortunately, a lot of sheltered housing has a minimum age limit but it’s well worth investigating for special circumstances.

Strangely enough, it was suggested that I was selfish and expected everything to happen around me (ex-wife, ex-in-laws etc) but I was only too delighted to prove them wrong.

The harsh truth about assisted housing is that there should always be some places available as people move on into care or pass away. Can your local authority adult social care help? It could be worth talking to them.

Best wishes.