limited mobility, but not in need of wetroom (bathing)

If you have limited mobility but are not in need of a wetroom (yet) you might find this product interesting, it’s a ‘more stylish’ rail with step that I found when looking for bathroom stuff for the ‘hopefully soon new house’ the hydrus bathrail, you can find by w.w.w ing! and dot com ing!

I like it It’s a bit more stylish than the stuff Dora Bryan used to advertise on daytime TV isn’t it?!

It’s gone in my “when we move” folder too - hope we need to seriously consider it soon


yes, certainly better (I’d forgotten Dora Bryan!) I saw the rail when looking at Tesco bathrooms (won’t be buying from them!) no prices on anything, apart from the fact I know a great bathroom fitter but thought they must get this stuff from a supplier - didn’t take long to find, and I bet it’s a lot cheaper than Tesco would supply it for. So better looking stuff is out there.

Alison x