I know it’s not that important, but why can’t we see who ‘likes’ our posts, even if it was only the poster it would be nice.

Fair point H,but not everybody posts stuff on here with consumate ease.For a Newby looking for help that ‘Like’ facility might put them off.I can think of lots of other comments that could be used,and I can hear your brain clunking from here

S x

LIKE!!! :slight_smile:

Don’t know how I missed this option - didn’t know it existed. Now I can ‘like’ to my heart’s content!!


Hi Hazel

I like your posts

lol, Mary xxx

I ‘liked’ all of you, see I said it wasn’t important, just a thought. On FB you know who has ‘liked’.

Now something that is different from the old place, but again not that important, is that you cannot see who on your buddie list is online…it was nice to know you weren’t the only idiot who was awake at syupid o’clock!

Steve…I’m coming to get you… xxx

H,join the queue


it was me!

That’s it, it’s official, you are all crazy…


Yeh,I used to like that facility.

luv Pollx