Life is your movie

Hi all, hope everyone is safe and good.

The other day i was speaking to a friend and i came up with this:

Life is a movie, YOUR the director, YOUR the story writer, YOU select the cast and YOUR the main role. Life is how YOU want it to go, don’t let the cast shadow over you.

Thought id share this, as the friend was going through a tough time with MS and felt like everyone around was making the decisions. Don’t let the MS stop your vocals. As i said above, its your movie, your the director, you select the cast and you are the main role.

Stay safe peeps.



Make sure you create an Oscar winner :wink:

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Hi stef…mm…very interesting thread this.

But much of the time, we are in the hands of the medics ie the cast in the film. Sure we can make noises and try to push an issue…

I did change the outcome of my own story, by going way out of my own health authority and it paid highly.

I got my diagnosis after 22 years of tests…???..and getting wrong diagnoses.

It really was worth the extra push in the end…

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