Letter from IFF research / DWP


Anyone on DLA may receive a letter from IFF research on behalf of the DWP. They have been appointed by the DWP to contact disabled people to look at how benefits can best suit people with disabilities.

This is a genuine letter and is aimed at looking how Personal Independnace Payments (replacing DLA from 2013) can help people with disabilities.

You can opt out of this study by contacting IFF research (telephone number on letter or use reply envelope).

Personally, I intend to take part in the study to give my views on how we can be best provided for through benefit entitlement

I just want to reassure people that it is a genuine letter and not a fake attempt to get information from you.

It is an individual decision on whether you want to get involved.

All the best


Thanks for the headsup.

Are the responses kept properly anonymous?

Karen x

Thanks for that, especially as there are so many fake things arriving in the post at the mo, even on the tinternet from imaginery banks!




Yes the replies are confidential