Lesions unchanged - good or bad????

Hi everybody Just received a letter this morning from my neuro saying that following my recent MRI scan the white matter lesions which were here on my first MRI last year are unchanged. Is this good or bad? Ann Marie Xxxx

Hi Ann Marie, I don’t really know the answer but have replied to bump your question up the forum. My guess is that no change means no new lesions which is good. I believe they can fade over a long period, although this would not reverse the damage already suffered due to demylenation. I only have a rudimentary understanding of the physiology of MS and hopefully you will get a more informed response. In my case, Tysabri seems to have stopped my relapses and as I see it new relapses are a result of new lesions and that equals greater disability. So on the face of it no change is good news. All the best, Peter.

Thanks Peter I’m not on any medication at the moment. The main reason for the follow up MRI was so that my Neuro and I oukd make some decisions regarding DMDs. Will obviously see what he has to say at my appointment in December but I’m starting to think that they aren’t likely to be offered. Thanks again or your response. Ann Marie