I have an MRI Tuesday and not looking forward to the results.

I dont think (hope) it will show active lesions, but after the way I’ve deteriorated over the last 12 months I’ve a feeling it will show either more lesions or perhaps existing ones have possibly got larger, if thats possible ?

I think the scan is for both lumbar and brain.

All previous scans have shown no change in either the number of lesions or size, and brain scans have always come back clear, which is good, but as my condition has definitely got worse I’m not expecting the same results.

Just a thought, but can old lesions, (I have 3 in my spine), cause a deterioration in condition even if they haven’t grown and stayed inactive ?

hi jactac

i always understood that lesions leave residual disability.

i don’t know this as a fact because my poor brain is knackered.

anyway i hope the results are what you want.

carole x



i am well aware of words like active and relapse but i reckon i have ms 24/7 so theres always something burbling away-maybe not enough for medics to recognise officially but i know!

dunno if that helps or not?



24/7 MS, thats exactly how I feel. Maybe not always rampant, but definitely niggling away at the very least.

I belong to a few forums and people get surprised when they are having an ACTIVE FLARE they have an MRI and find there are no new lesions. You can have healed lesions but the residual damage is never going to fix itself sadly. So depends on how much of your mylin sheath is exposed prior. I believe.

Yeah I that’s how I see it, damage to myline already done and exposed nerves deteriorating. I’ve never really felt like I’ve had a sudden relapse, more of a gradual but noticeable decline.

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Hi I only have lesions in my spine and I have had a considerable deterioration over the last few months. I recently had a mri to determine whether the cause is neuro inflammation or neuro degeneration. I am guessing that the result will show degeneration from old lesions as I have progressive MS. I will update when I get the result. I have waited a long time for this result and part of me wants to know and part of me does not! Sue

Good luck jactac! An mri and a lumbar aren’t we a lucky lot x

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The only thing I know is it can work both ways, I had a really bad relapse last year along with a big new lesion, then this years MRI showed that lesion had all but gone, but I had another biggie that caused no symptoms. My neuro always says, worry not about what the scan says, and only about what you feel… Good luck x


Well I did actually go for the scan at 7.30am, but when I got there the nurse said it was scheduled for 7.30pm !!! Luckily I had my letter with me and in bold writing clearly stated 7.30 am. However there was already 2 people waiting and apparently my scan was for the brain and spine, which she said could take around an hour, so I decided to go back tonight. I’m not really sure how many more things can go wrong in my life at the moment !