new lesions on a n MRI scan

I am slightly confused as to whether any new lesions showing are the sign of a relapse or general progression of the disease or both. Can anyone clarify ?

Hi Lisar

I had a recent MRI that showed new lesions. These were explained to me to be progressions of the disease.

Prob best to chat with your MS Nurse or Neuro in case mine are different to yours in appearance.

Take care.

Shazzie xx

I agree with Shazzie, best to discuss with neurologist. It will depend on where the lesions are, the size, all sorts of things that we can’t just say, “new lesions = progression” (or relapse or anything else). On my last MRI the neuro said new lesions showed disease activity therefore I was still RR. But in other cases, (eg Shazzies) new lesions demonstrate progression. Too dangerous for anyone of us to make a blanket statement that covers all eventualities.


Thank you, i understand. I will TRY and get answers next time.

Lisa ~

Possible sub clinical relapse. Time to ask about changing your DMT.

Oh my, I didn’t realise that new lesions could mean a variety of things, I’m thoroughly confused now!