ms lesions and mri

Just had the results of my latest mri and there are no new lesions yeh.I had my first known attack in October 2012 and there was an active lesions and a few others. In January s mri these were still there but some less conspicuous and in julys, still all there but some less florid this usual. Im not on dmds at the moment and think I might have a fight getting them so want as much info as possible. Thanks zoe

Hi Zoe,

I’m not sure what you’re asking. It’s certainly not bad news, if that’s what you mean. It could be summarised as: “There are no new lesions, and older ones are fading”.

A lesion can be thought of as similar to a scar, so yes, they can fade over time - and sometimes disappear.

None of this will strengthen your case for DMDs, because it’s all such GOOD news - no new activity, and the old stuff has healed more each time it’s looked at. So there wouldn’t be anything, at the moment, to make them reconsider.

I’m not suggesting you would, but please don’t wish for new activity, just so you would qualify for meds. It’s much better not to have any activity, even if it means you won’t get meds at the moment.



Thanks I definitely dont wish for new activity, I just also want dmds asap as everything I’ve read highlights that the quicker you start the better, especially as alot of damage goes on early in the disease you cant see. So confusing but thanks for replying xx

Your scans have shown really good news. I don’t really understand the logic of “qualifying for DMDs”. If you have a dx of RRMS then surely you should get treatment to prevent a relapse which could leave you with permanent damage. I have often wondered is the decision based on the patient’s best interest or on cost. In some countries they give DMDs as soon as a dx is made.

Moyna x