Lesions and inflammation of brain

I found out this Tuesday from my dr that my MRI scan had shown abnormalities…lesions and inflammation to my brain, she phoned me at noon but couldn’t see me until five o clock that night…thought it was a brain tumour…anyway, three years ago I lost the feeling in my hip, two years ago my kneecap and around the same time numbness in my arm…all on the right side of my body…tingling in my hand thumb with pins and needles…last year had bloods done for something totally different they came back saying that I was lacking vitamin D and iron, got treated with tablets my eyesight has also gone totally apeshit in the last three years…glasses for reading initially now wear my glasses just to see…had first seizure in March…CT Scan then MRI just two weeks ago…since the seizure feelings of vertigo…light headed, headaches these symptoms were apparent before seizure and MRI scan looking on internet for help, can anyone enlighten me…still worrying until I see neurologist…but she showed me letter from consultant…stuff to do with white/Gary matter and indicating ms…what’s next

Seems like MS to be honest…but hopefully they can nail it down for you…

Had the same thing. Mine started with problems with my ear of all things. Had MRI and lesions and inflammation noted. Had lumber puncture which showed high intracranial pressure so put on meds for that, then result of CSF came back positive. Another MRI of head/neck and spine showed new lesions including Dawson’s fingers so DX with ms as well as intracranial hypertension. Its been a naff 12mths. Hope you get sorted soon. Just knowing has helped me because being in ‘limbo land’ is horrible. Xx