Legs jerky

I cannot settle on a evening because of the jerky movements in my legs, they drive me crazy. I have to keep stretching them oR walk around the house. How do I get any sort of rest?

Think I will habe to go back to my GP again…I am always there!!


Hi Jan,

My legs don’t jerk, but they feel really ‘restless’…like I just can’t settle. It keeps me awake, I have to get out of bed and try and walk around for a bit.

Take care,


Hi Jan

I take Baclofen for leg spasms, and that’s pretty effective. However, there are other things that help, depending on what’s causing it. Sometimes my feet &legs are too warm, in which case cooling them down will stop them spasming. At other times, the opposite’s true and they’re too cold, in which case gently warming them up helps. I can get specific feelings in different bits of my calf which may make them spasm, and rubbing or stretching that bit of the leg will help. Another spasm & pain I get in my left leg is linked to my bladder, and having a pee will sort it out. I’ve also noticed that being on my feet too much can give me a painful right calf and make it spasm. And if the problem is just a general sense of restlessness (Restless Leg Syndrome), then taking magnesium does the job.

Hope you find the thing(s) that help you.


Thanks Dan,

My friend said I should drink Indian Tonic Water…May try that, have been out and about today so my legs are aching.

Thanks everyone for the advice.


Hi Jan

Do you have a MS nurse you can contact? I ask this only because I had the exact same thing last year and my MS nursse put me on carbamazepine. Your GP may not feel want to prescribe this for jerky legs and would feel better asking your neurologist or MS nurse. I was also having my arm jerk which wasnt good as it was my hand I used to hold my computer mouse at work! The carbamazepine really help get me through a bad period. I dont need to take it anymore thankfully, but know it is there if I need to. Best wishes Heather

Hi Heather,

I have not been dx as yet, still waiting for test results…I found that 1 GP just was not interested in what I had to say so this has been a long hard struggle to get things moving.

I am back at the doctors on the 5th Sept, so I am just waiting. I get very tired just doing small tasks, do you feel like that?and the heat just kills me!!!