Legs feel so heavy

Just got back from walking my dogs .It took twice the normal amount of time .My legs feel so heavy today, they ache so much with loads of very sharp shooting pains .My arms are getting sharp shooting pains as well .

Think me and my girls will be having a much needed duvet day :)

Its only 9am and my body already feels shattered ,ive cried twice and i feel so dizzy.Im definately having a moany ,feel  sorry for myself day lol

Sam xx

A duvet day sounds just the job, get some snacks and drinks, pop a DVD on and all cuddle up.

I had this aswell, do you have a burning pain aswell?

I think it’s your body telling you that you need to rest, which is the best thing you can do, if you can.

I’m lucky that my boys are at a holiday club each morning this week, so only have to hobble down the road with them and see them across the main road, they have permission to leave alone so meet them when they come out. Can’t do hills, so can’t take them all the way. As they have been busy all morning happy to stay home in the afternoon. Dreading next week though, trying to rest as much as I can this.

Hope t calms down, if not see your Dr, might be able to give you some to help.

Take care and look after yourself

I felt the same after my dog walk today as well. I’m just sprawled on the sofa now but I promised to take my boys to pizza but today so better grit my teeth.

Will your dogs chase balls? My youngest one is obsessed with them and will run after it and bring it back for as long as I will throw it. My older one will try and steal it just to annoy him lol.
It means if I’m having a bad day I can just stand still and they still get excercise.

Hope your feeling better soon.

MY whole body feels like like, I'm permenantly dizzy and wobbly in this heat and struggling to do things that wouldn't usually bother me :(

Its sounds like your MonSter is telling you it doesnt like the heat and if you use up any more energy it will keep reminding you its not happy.

Be kind to yourself and have a guilt free rest that is what you are being told to do.

Take care


Thanks everyone :)

Nikki only 1 of them are into chasing balls ,otherwise i think id stand in the garden throwing it for them lol.Ive got 5 so i take 3 then the other 2 .I have 4 bulldogs and a staffy so they are all very strong, but normally dont pull when i take them out .

Well i had as good a rest as im going to get yesterday .Today me and my husband are taking the kids to a fiet ,so they should enjoy that .Im pleased the weather seems to be alot cooler today.

Yes applepad they burn as well :( Since ive started on the pregabalin the burning i got on my back seems alot better ,its the shooting pains that are troubling me the most at the mo ,

Sam xx