Leg Zings

Has anyone ever had this weird Zinging go through their legs? I had about four nights in a row where it would happen around 3am. It didn’t hurt exactly but I couldn’t walk as it felt like my ankles were being pummelled. I can only describe the morning after as having nerve whiplash. My ankles felt like they’d been bruised. The zinging part was this kind of line zooming down my legs every 3 seconds for hours each night. Nothing would relieve it except gentle crying, because what else can you do? I had to release anything somehow. It didn’t really do anything, but I pretended it did. I went to an MS specialist for my yearly review thing and I mentioned it and she said no, it’s nothing to do with MS.

Why would my body randomly do something so horrible for four days?

I also think symptoms can appear at a much younger age. I had a numb arm for a week at age 10, then it went away. 10 years later, here I am.

What do you guys think?