Buzzing and Tingling


For the last 4-5 weeks I have been experiencing a buzzing/tingling feeling down my left inner thigh, left calf and left foot which is made worse when I bend my head. This only happens after I walk for say more than five minutes so I don’t have it all the time and seems to be more when I am walking outside not around the house. I have only had this symptom once when I was first diagnosed when I was having a relapse ( i was diagnosed Dec 2015) anyway my question is should I be worried that I am having a relapse? Just concerned as this has been ongoing for the last 4-5 weeks.

Thank you


Having endured this for 4/5 weeks, I presume you’ve mentioned this to your gp or MS nurse. What did they suggest?

Hi Lynsey,

Common symptom, one of my first and now one of my constants over my whole body.

Think chin to chest movement is used when testing for MS. Like electric chocks for me. But most of my lesions are in my neck.

Take amitriptyline at night for nerve pain.

Contact your MS nurse.

Jen x


buzzing and tingling was my first symptom.

i was diagnosed in 2008 and still have it.

in fact i’d probably think i was dead if i didn’t have it!

carole x

I compare it to a gang of ants having a rave party on my skin. (What is the collective of ant? can’t just be a nest is it?)

I get it too; after a brisk walk of a few minutes. Usually limited to the ‘cycling shorts’ sort of region.

The ants will get their wriggle on and then after a few minutes it will fade away.

Standard operating procedure for this disease; i figure due to the neurons getting all excited because leg muscle fibres are twitching a ton of feedback.

However, if over the duration of this (and it can tend to come and go) it ever gets pronounced or more severe, mutates into something like the tightening of joints, or spreads to new areas gradually over consecutive days… you may consider this indicative of a relapse and thus, you may wish to speak to someone with a stash of steroids…

Good luck!

That’s specifically for the L’hermittes (or Le Kermits as i prefer); a test specific for a spine / neck lesion.

I think the OP has a slightly different set of circumstances, but nevertheless, similar in nature and equally as entertaining / annoying as hell.

Not sure if it’s helpful to you or not but I get this a lot if the time but it’s more pronounced if I am tired or have overdone it… if I really ignore body I end up like bambi so I use it as a warning sign to say … listen …