Leg supports

Morning. Hope everyone had a good Christmas. The physio has given me leg supports (look like a high leg ski boot) to help with leg spasms and weakness as I’m constantly falling I’m supposed to try and wear them in bed at night but they are really awkward and heavy. Has anyone else tried them and if you did, did they help at all? One of the consultants I see tried to cut down the amount of baclofen I take, saying that was contributing to the falls but my leg spasms were horrendous so that didn’t work!

Can’t help with the ski boots, but magnesium might help dampen down those spasms and is worth a try.

Hi Chub. I have those leg splints…very clumsy looking, but I wore mine when seated in my recliner for a few hours each day. They helped keep my feet in line, as my ankles ached from foot flop.

I cut baclofen right out, over time with gp`s help, as they did cause me falls.

Tried wearing the splints in bed…too chunky.

I found quinine helped at night.


Hi Chub.

Can’t help with the ;eg supports but I do get terrible leg spasms throughout the night. Really painful aren’t they?

Whammel, which type of magnesium is best for us as I know there are a few different types.

Take care and I hope you get some relief soon Chub.

Shazzie xx

I find this one does the trick for me http://www.healthspan.co.uk/products/magnesium and greatly eases problems with spasm & cramp.

Fantastic. Off an ordering I ho!! I mean go.