Leg and arm pain

Hi every one. Hope you are all as well as expected. Ive not posted on here in months. I have been having leg and arm pain since January (both left side). Went to GP she said arm and leg pain were not connected and she treated me for frozen shoulder. MS Nurse says leg pain sounds like spasms but she never prescribed me any medication. Leg pain is not easing up. I can not bend it for any length of time, when i am sitting on a chair and my leg is bent at knee I have to use my hands pull it out in front of me. When i am on my kness on floor i have to pull myself up using the furniture then takes me few minutes to straighten the leg before i can move. Things like climbing stairs. Getting in out bath and even getting dressed are becoming more difficult. It is also breaking my sleep. I read about leg spasms, doesn’t sound like this but does sound like spasticity. I am going to GP next week, going to ask her to send me for X-ray just to rule out anything else. Also read balcofen is medication for this. I have emailed MS nurse asked if I could give this drug a go. So my question is does this sound like spasticity if so does it go away or will that always be with me as i have had for 5 nonths now. And is anyone taking balcofen for this, will this help ease pain. Thanks for taking time to read. Violet xx

hi violet

baclofen is a muscle relaxant so that is why people take it for spasms.

like all other drugs it has side effects.

for me, it works so well that th next morning my legs are like jelly.

it also makes me sleep.

i prefer not to take it in case it affects my driving but keep a pack on standby in case the delightful hug returns for another cuddle! (?)

a friend takes it 4 x a day but i’m a big wuss.

have you got grab rails on your bath?

if not, see an occupational therapist.

carole x

Thanks carole for ure advice. Im waiting getting wet room installed. Does spastisity leave u. Or will it only get worse x