Left Side problems, heavy foot, essential tremor

I’m continuing to get problems down my left side, my tremor now seems to be in my left arm to the point where when bend my arm i can feel the tremor and my hand tremors as i bend my arm. It also feels slightly stuff, sometimes aches, mainly when straightened. I had a problem for two days where walking was very painful in my left foot, the tendon along the first was very sore with pressure, had to put tissue in my shoe to support it, this stopped the pain but meant i couldn’t bend my knee, it sort of disabled the tendons (this didn’t happen if i tried with my right). That pain ahs gone now, but my leg is heavy to lift when using the muscles at the back of my leg (front muscles are fine) and when i try to tap my left foot just the toes lift and flair out, the foot comes up eventually but but is an effort and feel awkward and uncoordinated. Do you think I should see my GP again or wait for neuro appointment to come through? (which i told would have happened by end of last week but still hasn’t).


I would phone up the neuro appointments contact if I had the number, if not, I’d see my GP again. I’ve had a couple of appointment letters not arrive becaue they were sent to the wrong address.

hey, I phones today, they have no letter, going to sort it tomorrow with my surgery. Also saw my GP, apparently i might be starting to get spasticity, and i must take the amytriptiline they gave me. When I tense my muscles anywhere in my body they go into one hell of a spasm

Glad you are getting the appointment sorted out - or has it been sorted out? Also glad your GP is helping. I hope the meds help.

also try for an appointment with a podiatrist.

they can make you an insole that supports your foot.

carole x

yeah someone mentioned that. I went to hospital the other day as i couldn’t lift my arm above my head, they have sent a letter to my gp to tell him to refer my for an MRI. At the moment walking up stairs is a nightmare, i’m exhausted by the time i get to the top, and amazingly overnight my right leg is now the heavy leg, not the left…

Walking is getting harder every day, I don’t think I have weakness, but my legs are heavy and unstable, i’m walking like when you’ve pushed it too hard at the gym and your legs are jelly, and it’s getting worse fairly quickly. Is this just my muscles tensing up? should i expect it to get better when the amitriptyline starts to kick in properly?


My left arm and leg are awkward and are difficult to control as when pushed to exhaustion, I guess the same as your “pushed it too hard at the gym and your legs are jelly”. It gets worse as I use them - linked to MS fatigue. It started last year when I was relapsing and the symptoms got worse till they got to a cetain level. There has been some remission. This has been referred to as “weakness”. Spasticity hasn’t been mentioned even after manipulation of relaxed limbs…