Left side body numbing and spasms

My Neuro appointment is next week - yay! Although very apprehensive and worried about being fobbed off, but who isn’t when they attend these things. Anyway, to the point. I’ve had another bout of headache type pressure thing that affects the very base of the skull/top of the neck. It’s like someone is pushing on it or squishing it. This is on top of the headache which this time lasted approx 5-6 weeks. At one point I had some tingling but not much, but again now it’s all over, I’m now getting mild contractions or almost numbing but not numbing on the left side. Can this be a migraine effect or more like MS. I know you can get lesions with migraine, at least I think that’s what I read. So could that cause neuro issues too even after the event? My left leg hasn’t completely stopped contracting since the last time so this has just kicked it off again. The left arm just feels a bit heavy/weird but okay. Why does this stuff seem so hard to explain :slight_smile: Please excuse if this is double posted… think something went wrong.