Headache/neck cramping followed by left side numbing

My Neuro appointment is next week - yay! Although very apprehensive and worried about being fobbed off, but who isn’t when they attend these things. Anyway, to the point. I’ve had another bout of headache type pressure thing that affects the very base of the skull/top of the neck. It’s like someone is pushing on it or squishing it. This is on top of the headache which this time lasted approx 5-6 weeks. At one point I had some tingling but not much, but again now it’s all over, I’m now getting mild contractions or almost numbing but not numbing on the left side. Can this be a migraine effect or more like MS. I know you can get lesions with migraine, at least I think that’s what I read. So could that cause neuro issues too even after the event? My left leg hasn’t completely stopped contracting since the last time so this has just kicked it off again. The left arm just feels a bit heavy/weird but okay. Why does this stuff seem so hard to explain :slight_smile:


Next week will start to sort out your problems; see that will give you an idea of what happens.

Your headaches are quite relevant in respect MS does cause headaches but they are worse and longer lasting with a complaint called Sticky Blood see otherwise symptoms mimic MS.

Hope this helps.


ggood that huges syndrome is a horrible thing to have,you know how to scare people,thats a few comments ive seen by you were theyve frightened the life out of me,sorry i’m going anono for this lol

Thanks for replies. I did have some blood tests, not sure it was for H syndrome but the GP did put quite a lot of things to test and noted neuro issues in the notes for the blood works. Also, didn’t have any issues in either pregnancies, so at the moment not worrying in that direction. Although ferritin was low as was vit D but not out of the expected range. So was advised to take one of each supplements per day. Think I am getting a little antsy though in the build up to next week - also have an exam so it’s all getting on top. We’ll see what they say. Do they generally refer you for an MRI as standard precaution?