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Good day MSers, now this WILL have everyone up in anger, but the question must be in most minds, can anyone please tell me why posts appear now and then with the poster claiming they are leaving the site, it’s not the same as the last one, if we don’t move, we stagnate, is the poster wanting to have everyone plead with them to stay, why not just go, never to come back on here again, IF, that’s what they really want, without the melodrama of telling all, every forum on the web will have bullies, have moaners, just raise above them and ignore those poster, if they are persistent or personal in attacks-report them, as an old song said united we stand, devided we fall, Brian

Brian the reason that we choose to post saying goodbye is because some of us have been on here a long time and have made friends through this site so we wouldn’t want to leave without saying goodbye as that’s rude. That’s why we have chosen to say goodbye and also because maybe it will make some people think about things before they post them and therefore help the future forum members avoid the horrible negativity that has been present here for the last few months. That’s my personal reasons for saying a public goodbye and by doing so I have received pm’ from people and have exchanged details of what site we are moving to so that we can all stay in touch

Brian there is nothing melodramatic about people saying goodbye to friends before leaving the forum.

Try and word your responses in a more supportive way please…your words are not very kind xxx

PS: I’m not angry Brian…just sad for you xxx

When you see why some people have chosen to leave, it’s largely because people people have picked up on one comment, said it was nasty or offensive BUT read in context with the thread, it’s banter between friends!

Those friends did not advertise they were leaving but some people (understandably) have been upset by what they’e seen so decided to follow suit, hence they’ve posted.

I understand we do now live in times of “political correctness” above all else but some of us joined this forum, not just advice but also for support to help our coping mechanisms along and that includes making friendshipships - with that comes banter and humour.

If we were ALL serious 100% of the time there would be more “cries for help” amongst the posts here! sigh .

I’m not going to leave, but I did join-up elsewhere as some of the leavers were people I respected, appreciated and often (most importantly), made me smile on an otherwise bad day!

Sonia xx


you have been around as long as me-u know it will all blow over-til the next time…

i have been without elec twice today and wheelie bin is in kitchen. trains cancelled. its scary out there! keep cosy and a torch nearby…

ellie x

Surely saying goodbye to friends is a personal thing - to be done by PM, rather than posting on a public forum for the whole world to see ?!!

Maybe things like twitter & facebook are generating a culture where people share even private thoughts with whoever happens to pass by ?

…just wondering!!



Not “up in anger” - you’ve said what I’ve been thinking.

I think of a forum more like a pub - you go to one(s) that suit you, and avoid those that don’t. If one that used to suit you no longer does - either because it has changed, or because you have - you can stop going; nobody’s forcing you to stay. And you don’t have to stand on a table and announce the fact, or give reasons. Probably better not to anyway, because if, several weeks later, you find you’re really missing the pub after all, and wouldn’t mind popping in one night, it’s a wee bit awkward if everyone still remembers you storming out in disgust, and/or saying you’d found a much better pub.


Brian, as another old lag, I agree.

I’ve left a few times, when stress and worries about replies on this board have made me lose sleep, or have given me wobbly legs.

Haven’t said a thing - except once, or twice to prove a point that non-MSers don’t understand our stress and wind us up, just because they can and think we need to be shaken up.

Flouncing out and returning, as Anitra wisely pointed out, has its drawbacks.


Absolutely agree with you Brian,

The toys out of the pram and the flouncing off (pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease beg me to stay, please, please, please…to be followed in a few days / weeks by, ‘YES!!! I’ve decided I’m not going to let THEM (usually, the big, bad them is another board user/s who dared to have a difference of opinion) get to me so I’M BACK’ to be followed by rounds of applause is nauseating.

Stay, go, but beware of burning bridges you may wish you could cross back over without feeling a bit of a (insert your own word) here in a few weeks time…

I personally wasn’t ‘flouncing’ out of here I said a very nice goodbye and wished everybody well. I wanted to say goodbye and thank you to those that I had communicated with over the past two years. I wasn’t leaving in a huff - it was just personal choice to try something different that suited me better and a place that seemed to have less negativity. Everybody is entitled to their own opinions in life but I was brought up with the mentality that if you haven’t got anything nice to say then say nothing!

Well said!!

Thanks blossom! Not sure why it posted three times sorry about that!!

Have to agree Brian, and I don’t always agree with you.

Quite frankly all this navel gazing is getting boring.

Stay or go, it is your choice, but please let us all move on,

To continue with Tina’s pub analogy, I think this is a rather nice pub.

Unlike the pubs I used to frequent in healthier times I have never been chucked out or asked to leave, AND there is no loud music.

I have had no success in chatting up the “burdz” though.

In that respect exactly the same as the pubs I used to frequent.


So sorry Sunshine, I don’t know you, or what you like or dislike about this board, or who you were/are friends with. I was answering Corrie’s post, not yours.

I’ve been on this board for over 10 years now. The number of times people have declared that they are ‘off to a better, friendlier board’ have been well, many.

As Ellie pointed out. This is nothing new. In a month or so, it’ll be back to business as usual.

best wishes,

The Lazy Girrl. (la preguiceira).