the Leaving, thread

Once again hello fellow MS ers, a valid point made about saying thanks/goodbye to friends, may I ask Blossom, why feel sad for me, I’m as happy as the proverbial pig in sh** and may, at times, feel knocks, but I will come back again. Anitra, a very good description of this site being like a pub, and, like a pub, you pick your friends/drinking partners and on what times you visit. If anyone feels mistreated, abused etc, on this site, surely they can either fight back, or inform the mods, and lastly, may I also say, we all have MS, we should stick together, fall out/go in the huff, but stay as one in the main, Brian

Quite right Brian and couldn’t agree more. I have looked at a few other sites over the years and in my opinion this one is far and away the best example. The sheer volume of knowledge possessed by users and willingness to share experiences is second to none, which is probably why it is also the most widely used.

More smoke than fire methinks.

I’m sincerelely glad you are happy Brian

I’m very happy to use this forum too…. xx