Learning to write (with a dip pen)

I am teaching myself to write with an old fashioned dip pen and ink!

I am utterly exhausted and was only messing around for an hour.


I am to tired to write much here, my fingers keep pressing wrong keys and i am spending to much time correcting stuff so by for now Don

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Ah Hoppity, I totally understand the difficulty of keyboards and the exhaustive, time consuming, corrections. I pray this is a temporary setback for you.

Strangely, I’ve had serious fatigue & the past 5 days in bed sleeping over 12 hrs a day. I have PPMS & never experienced this level of fatigue before.

For you, maybe your MS nurse or Neuro can suggest something to help you. Best wishes Don, hope your return will be swift.

Chrissie x

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Blimey! I wouldn’t be let loose with a jar of ink

You’re clearly very patient

Sonia x

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Well done Don, I think it would look like a war zone if I was allowed near a bottle of ink, but I am pleased for you, enjoy.

Pam x

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Thanks folks It has worn me out, I was going to have another go today but an episode of Vera proved more inviting. Heather and I just sat through the one from 2 weeks ago ve are slowly catching up with stuff we recorded. Maybe more writing tomorrow but there again I still have another Vera to watch


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I was taught italic at school with a dip pen but as with Pam and Sonia I don’t think my ever patient husband would be very happy! (Shows how old I am)

I might get around to trying it again but where on earth my fountain pen is goodness only knows!

Hope we all can have a good weekend,

Love Nina x

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It’s lovely to read another blog from you Don . My mum in law started a calligraphy course a few years ago she has got very good , they say practice makes perfect . I bet Heather was delighted, perhaps you could write her a poem and have it framed. Many years ago Lee wrote out my favourite poem in calligraphy. It is the one by Rudyard Kipling called "if " it’s a beautiful poem it means such a lot to me . We have it framed and its not perfect it took him several attempts , and one of the children must have sat on it , so its slightly creased . But I love it. Keep practicing Don . Michelle and Frazer xx

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