Finger pain when writing/typing

Evening all, I hope everyone is doing OK. Over the past 3 months I have been finding it increasingly painful to write with a pen. My writing is more jerky than before and after a few mins my finger joints begin to ache a lot. I work full time in an office and am finding it frustrating. Can anyone recommend anything to help reduce this pain/ache? I also spotted a few threads mentioning using pen grips, but any first hand experience would be much appreciated. Thanks, Ian

Hi Ian, you need to see a physio. There are exercises that can help your hands. See your GP for referral and while there ask about pain med’s that can help.

Two exercises that she gave me were playing with some ‘therapy putty’…a bit like firm plastercine that you can pull, push, squeeze etc while watching TV or whatever. The one I’ve got is made by Patterson Medical. And she also said to use a piece of string and keep knotting it and then unpicking the knots.

Since then I took up needlepoint tapestry which helps as well…although maybe a step too far for you?!

I find using a fat biro helps. I got it on a disability site so it’s worth having a Google.

Anyway make sure you see a physio as there might be other things that could help in your case. Make sure you tell the GP that it’s making things difficult for you at work as it might hurry the process up a bit.

All the best,

Pat xx

Hi Ian,

It might be an idea to see your GP, if it’s the joints it could be arthritis. I have it in my hands, it can be very painful. I take naproxen and that does ease all but one joint…there are also excersizes for arthritic hands. I can’t remember where I found them but if you google it they might help.

Hope you get some help soon,


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