Painful finger


I was wondering whether MS can target very precisely one finger only and make it stiffer (i.e. articulation is often painful when moving it)? The finger next to my thumb on my left hand feels like that since a couple of weeks… In other words, can MS be a sniper, or does it only use heavy bombers? Sorry for this not really elegant metaphor hehe…

I am not diagnosed by the way; my MRIs and evoked potentials were clear, but I still keep an eye on my symptoms.

Wishing everyone a good day.

Blue Marble

Hi, it sounds more like arthritis. I get that pain sometimes and know it is arthritis, because I up my glucosamine for a few days and the pain and stiffness goes.

Have you seen your GP about it?

I began taking glucosamine sulphate 20 years ago and I am positive it keeps arthritis at bay.