Scruffy Handwriting


Does anyone else suffer with there handwriting becoming scruffy , is there any tips available. I have a memory logged somewhere in my brain that there was a certain pen people were using to help with this issue.

Thanks Simon


I used to have lovely handwriting and even was asked to write place cards for a wedding.

It didn’t take long before MS put a stop to that!

Those etch a sketch type things that delivery drivers ask you to sign just get a wavy line.

That special pen sounds good,

My writing is dreadful, its like someone eles is controling my arm/hand like a puppet. If there is a pen that would be useful

I’m with the rest of you. Writing a check makes my hand cramp, and there are times its taken both hands just to sign my name. I had to sign multiple forms today, and by the end of them my signature was barely legible.

I am left handed (woohoo) the irony is that my MS (I call it Eric) decided to have a pop at my… you guessed it, left hand side I can now address an envelope with my right hand, but it looks like the work of a 6 year old ! It makes me snort how many times my medical team need written information, and I feel guilty saying I can not do them. For my PIP application I typed out the whole form and answers using my right hand 3 finger technique.

… adapt and survive


Hi Simon,

My handwriting is also terrible at the best of times :((((. My specific issue is that I have a lot of stiffness in my upper arm (bicep & tricep), and that stops me from writing properly , you’d be amazed how much your upper arm can affect writing. Please speak to a physio , im sure there are adapted things to help such as pens etc. I know you can get cutlery to help with hand /dexterity issues. You could also ask the physio to give you tips on any exercises that could help you with this. Take care .

Yes, mine is so bad! Christmas cards were hard because the addresses on the envelopes were wonky & so were the stamps - no matter how hard I try I cant put stamps on straight!

I have trouble with my handwriting, it makes my hands cramp up and sometimes it is as if I have forgotten how to write. I will have the pen in my hand but can’t seem to write what I want to put down on paper. I have seen loops that look like a figure of eight. The one loop goes round the pen and the other loop goes round your finger so you are in control of what you are writing.

I find I can do a much better job using a fountain pen than a ballpoint. The pen is better shaped and a little thicker than a biro, and there’s just something about ink. Of course, when I learned to write (long ago) we had to use either a fountain pen or a pencil. Ballpoints were NOT permitted.

Has anyone tried a quill?


Have always had awful handwriting much to my embarrassment. Mind, I have numbness in my hands , so have an excuse now!

Ben, I’m with you. An osmiroid fountain pen with an italic nib. No cartridges then, just a suction system.

I always use the rubber barrelled ball point pens now. Easier to grip.

Stabilo do a right handed or left handed shaped handwriting pen.

Easier just to type now.


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I can’t really write at all now, my right hand just won’t do it so handwriting is illegible. I type everything possible.

I still do crosswords, but only in pencil so I can rub out misshapen letters (or mistakes!) I wrap elastic bands round pencils so I can keep hold of them. I do the same with pens whenever I have to sign (for eg) a cheque. Not that my signature actually looks like it did. In fact, it looks different every time!

I wrap elastic bands round forks too to help me keep the cutlery in my hands. (Cutting up food first then eating with fork in right hand because the left is even worse than the right.) I hate fat handled pens and cutlery, I hate the size of fat handled forks and spoons too so have to make accommodations with regular cutlery.



wow Sue

I will be mostly searching for elastic bands and wrapping them around my cutlery!

How I love having a plan of action for my day!

I don’t know if this is legal over there or what the cost would be, and it would only cover a small part of the problem, but an old WWII vet who’d lost his right arm had a rubber stamp made of what his signature used to look like. He carried that stamp and an ink pad in his coat pocket and used it for anything requiring him to sign his name. Businesses here use them all the time for things like paychecks (or at least before direct deposit), but most people don’t consider the fact that they could be used for personal reasons.

great idea.

i have onw with christian name onlt on it and another for when i give cards ans presemts to my granddsughtters


The outside halves of both my hands withdrew their cooperation completely many years ago and, while I regained a good deal of function and sensation, my typing speeds were shot for good and my handwriting, never a strong point, went from bad to awful. The only bright spot is that things like sewing on a button have ever since been way beyond scope, so someone else has to do it. :slight_smile: