Diary - poor handwriting

It’s been a while guys

I know we have all sorts of problems with MS but may I pose this problem ? I have kept a diary for many years (far too many to admit) now I find I can’t read my handwriting! I don’t want an electronic device (many have been suggested), there is something special about a diary. It’s like the difference between a book/ ebooks/‘kindle’. Tactile?

I have been keeping up with our group but not writing anything I would appreciate your input, wishing you a good weekend. M x

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Nothing helpful M, just to say my handwriting deteriorating where barely readable. My sympathies, sometimes if I wait it is a bit better. Dont lose heart, keep writing, thicker pens/grips may help xxx

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My hand writing peaked in my late teens. My tutor at uni wanted my notes typed. I didn’t have a laptop (in 90’s). I asked if he could type his comments out… 15 all. He didn’t, I didn’t. Anyways… hellMS. How’d you type this ? If on a laptop/puter, can you not print off a daily diary and keep in a folder ? Bit of both… Nope, I’m out. Take care, Andy

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Hi M

Nice to see you, and find the same problem with handwriting, so much that the bank have put a note against my account, saying signature differs cos of MS!!! Saves them ringing me to check if I have signed a cheque or not.

Can’t offer and solution sorry, apart from fatter pens are slightly easier than thin ones.

Keep smiling

Pam x

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I’m in exactly the same boat, M, so at least we know we’re not alone.

My hands have deteriorated badly over the past six months. I can’t really write now. Like you I don’t want to keep an electronic diary. I also love doing the crossword and used to pride myself on doing it neatly (something I inherited from my dad, who was a draughtsman).

something else has worried me lately- I can’t really sign my usual signature now. I need to talk to the bank. Maybe I need to have a new signature- a big X!

Kev x

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All I can say is me too! xx

Hi M, I’ve noticed mine has got worse too. It feels ok while I’m writing but then I look at it and it doesn’t even look like my handwriting.

Don’t know what the answer is really. Have you tried printing… ie not using joined up handwriting? Or maybe try a different pen.

I use a very fat biro which I bought from a company doing a disabled aids presentation where I live. I do find I write better with that pen. I’m sure you’d find one easily on the internet. Might be worth a try.

Also maybe try writing with bigger letters. I know it doesn’t look great but if it’s easier to read it will be worth it. Filling out benefit form recently I found it easier to write using bigger letters and printing … not joined up.

Hope you find something that works.

Great to see you on here,

Pat xx

PS… I misread title to your post and thought it said ‘DAIRY - poor handwriting’ and thought you had found a connection between dairy products and handwriting!!!

Pat xx

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Hello M.

You could try a fat pen or you could try using a fountain pen. I find the feel of the nib dragging on the paper gives me more control. I also have to accept that I can’t write quickly any more and that the position I adopt makes a difference.

Either way, don’t give up on the diary.

Best wishes, Steve.

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Cheers Steve, that’s worth a try.M

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M I am left handed and it is the left side of my body that MS has decided to meddle with. So my typing is all done with one right hand finger. I also had to learn a right hand signature for the bank. I can now write a little (albeit badly) with my right hand. I understand the desire for a proper diary, but if you can not have one then you may need to settle on plan B. Learning a new skill can be quite uplifting. All the best Mick


Cheers Mike,

I am right handed and of course it is the right side of my body! I am going to try a fountain pen tomorrow, I have ‘tidied’ my one away some where! Take care, M x

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Hi M,

Good luck with the fountain pen…I too find it neater, possibly because it’s slower…just a nightmare to fill…it’s nearly as old as me!

I found a recipe the other day that I’d written out about ten years and my husband honestly would not believe I’d written it, mind you it quite shocked me too.

I really hope you find something that works…I think Pats idea of looking on a disabled aids website is you best chance.

Take care M,

Nina X


Hi Nina, I have a fountain pen now! I wrote ‘will this help my handwriting’ 10 times I could read 5 lines and I guessed the others. It’s slightly better, I got a cheapie with ink cartridges. I can barely trust myself with a glass of water NO way I could use proper ink.

It’s not the end of the world, sun is shining I think I’ll go and get some vitamin D.

Take care, M

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I find if I write in a much larger script and I mean large very large and I can write.


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Having said I wouldn’t want to keep a digital journal I have done a complete about turn and started using an app on my iPad which does just what I want. It is called Day One, and is very easy to use.

I have also sorted out a signature stamp with my bank- I can use it for cheques and other documents associated with my account.

Googling around I found some ring pens that look quite usable. Haven’t tried one yet.

​Finally, for my computer mouse difficulties, which I mentioned in another thread, I was directed to this

​which I tried on a 14 day trial and have found works for me. Bloomin’ expensive and what’s more it doesn’t qualify for disability vat exemption. But I’m keeping it anyway, that’s more of the savings gone up in smoke!


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Hi, i know you have said that you don’t wish to use electronic devises to keep your diary (probably as it seems to impersonal) but have you thought about using something like a Dictaphone ? i know its still an electronic device, but perhaps by hearing your voice it will make it much more personal for you ?

Something like this for around £30 will also take a micro SD memory card


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How cool is this Jemma, many thanks, I love ‘gismos’. Amazon here I come M x

I’m glad it was of some use to you smileybefore you spend any money though … if you use a smart phone ? it might be worth checking to see if it already has a voice recorder on it ? or whether you can download an app for dictation ?

when i’m having a bad memory day, my smart phone is invaluable to me for setting reminders etc