LDN help needed

I have ppms and heard this my be an option to help things. Any help would be REALLY helpful Thanks upfront.

Hi, look at the LDN trust website, that’ll give you some pointers and a pack to print to show your GP. I couldn’t get it from my GP as it’s not licenced for MS… I’d seen it on a forum so tried prescribe4me website and they do phone consults - PPMS got me an email from a doctor and a prescription… I panicked when the website disappeared but I’ve just had my 2nd delivery an a repeat presciption. I’m really happy with it and there’s a few people on here that swear by it. Investigate it a bit better than m on how to get it though, I think I was a bit on the desperate side at that point :slight_smile: I hope it works out well for you, ask if you do want more info. The LDN trust has a facebook group too - Sonia x

Thank you so much for your reply I will look on facebook. It seems like a possible option xxx

Unfortunately nothing works for everybody but LDN does seem to help a lot of people. My wife has been on it for just over 10 years and it stopped a rapidly worsening situation and she has been perfectly stable ever since.
My wife gets private prescriptions from her NHS GP since out PCT will not fund LDN. Some will but ours won’t.
The licencing issue is a bit of a red herring in that most drugs used to treat MS are not licenced for MS. However naltrexone is licenced for heroin addiction so if you are asking a normal GP to prescribe is unless that GP is experience with treating that then you are probable asking for a prescription for a drug they have never heard of and that’s why unless you prepare a good case you will not get it prescribed even privately. Most of the drugs used off label for MS are drugs GP’s are familiar with prescribing even although that have no licence for MS