i don’t take laxatives except in desperate situations.

however my best hack is to stick a cup of milk in the microwave for 90 seconds then add strong coffee.

it works!

so now i’m off to you know where.

so what happens if you dont like coffee dose it work with tea ??

don’t know. my continence nurse said any stimulant would work.

hubby swears by a can of stella!

I always used to swear by a couple of double espressos. Sadly doesn’t do it for me anymore.



I find tonic water has the desired effect, not joking!

Dried fruit. Might try Stella

stella works but i hated it at 7.30 am when i was crying for gas and air.

hubby thrust a can into my hand before he set off to work.

felt a proper alkie!

730?!! I only drank like that if I was on a all nighter or on route to a rock festivals, respect missus!!! xx

it was vile but i was in agony so needs must.

hate to agree with other half but he was right!

now i understand the reason he spends a morning in the bathroom after a night on the pish.

i like your respect missus!

for the record i rely on strong coffee now!

My normal regime of prunes mixed in with my porridge in the morning helps to keeps things moving nicely.

In the now relatively rare occasion when this doesn’t work, some dulcolax pico liquid has never failed me.

i’ve never tried Stella a 7.30am but I’ll keep that in mind in case the dulcolax doesn’t work in the future.


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Chia seeds. Just brilliant. Half a teaspoon a day is just fine for me. I add it to anything…sandwich filling, salads, smoothies, shakes, just sprinkled over my dinner. Not expensive from Aldi.

i specifically went out of my way to call at a health food shop, where i bought chia seeds.

only to leave them there! this ffffflipping ms brain!

we have an aldi being built close to me, it seems to be taking forever.