Success with Constipation

I am still no nearer a diagnosis… but have got constipation under control after seeing an NHS Bowel and Bladder nurse. She devised a programme for me… and it works. This is it, and all things are available without prescription, though I’ve got Laxido on prescription because my usual online suppliers don’t stock it.

For breakfast: 2x Weetabix and milk, sprinkled with just less than a tablespoonful of Linseeds; however best build up slowly, starting with a teaspoonful…

Later in the day: 1x Laxido Orange sachet… Allow 1 hour after and 1 hour before other meds.

Evening: 2x Senokot Tablets

For me, it works about 2 hours after breakfast, once routine is established.

Good luck… Anne.

PS. I add fruit to the Weetabix because I get soooo bored with it… A really ripe and juicy pear is best, but most fresh pears are hard and dry these days. A banana is good too, but I like banana sandwiches, so can’t do both. Tinned peaches and tinned apricots are a good standby if fresh stuff is unavailable, but need to drain off excessive amounts of juice if you want to liquidise them.


a very moving account indeed.

i get constipated but usually a bad case of wind helps get things moving.

nice eh

“Moving” account.

Very droll.

Anne, Are you on any bladder medication? The reason for the request is that I suffered from horrible constipation for years. It was only when I stopped bladder medication, for what I thought was only temporarily, that my constipation cleared up. Now I’m on mirabegron and oxybutylin for the bladder and these don’t seem to affect the bowels. I also have porridge every morning and mix in some prunes. This seems to help keep things moving. I also take lactulose every day. Derek

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i forget things and get to the top of the stairs only to have to go back down. the happy side of this brain fog is that the act of walking up and down stairs helps me to poo! silver linings exist!

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