Hi everyone. Just wanted a little advice about constipation.

I have always had trouble with this but tried to eat well and was put on movicol. I stopped taking it and was fine (well for me anyway). Recently it has been very bad. I have not had a bowel movement now for over 2 weeks. Started taking the movicol and lactulose last week but nothing happened. Then the out of hours doctor gave me bisacodyl on monday. Told me to take one the first night and then if nothing happened two the 2nd night (which was last night). She warned me that they are like dynamite lol!

Still nothing is happening, not even cramping. I am so bloated and don’t know what else to do. She did say if needed to try 3 tonight but im a little scared of exploding in work tomorrow.

Has anyone else this problem and tried bisacodyl? Did it work for you?

Thanks, Lindsay

Hi Lindsay. I had terrible constipation for two years, my wife who works in a hospital told me to eat weetabix (I’ve never ate them before) eating these everyday has help me no ends. Hope this helps. Stephen.

I frequently use bisacodyl at work and each person is different.The people who are as badly constipated as you usually require 3/4 days of 2 tablets and lactulose to get them going… but then expect to go frequently and possibly with some urgency after the first very hard bit has gone.

Add a bit of sweetcorn to your diet with bisacodyl and it will work wonders.

Two weeks is very bad for your system so if she said have 3 its worth a try as you really do need to go.

If you want to pm so it doesnt get anymore graphic feel free.


A small bowl of All Bran and some pitted prunes, about 6-7 of them, cut up into small pieces, about the size of a grape, will sort you out. Eat it for breakfast, it may take 24 hours to get round your digestive system if you are a bit sluggish, but if you east it every morning, it will cure the constipation… guaranteed

Hi Lindsay

I have had lots of problems with constipation in recent months, I also use Movical and sometimes have to leave it off as I become bowel incontinent. My doctor gave me Fybogel, which is basically a high fibre drink which contains Aspartame, so I decided to take things into my own hands and bought bran from the health food shop although i already have bran for breakfast. Then realised I am probably bunged up with bran and so drank water all day and sat by the loo. It worked no more constipation but I realise that I need to use incontinence pads as I couldn’t get to the loo quickly enough. Solve one problem and another one surfaces. I also realise that some of my pain medication was making things worse and although I thought I was taking in plenty of fluids, drugs can sometimes cause dehydration. I haven’t used bisacody but was using senokot and that didn’t work. The only thing that has worked for me personally is drinking lots of water.Good luck, I know it can make you feel awful at times.

Wendy x

Hi, oooh 2 weeks…poor you!

I recently came of a laxative/softener which was working great for me.

GP said I shouldn`t stay on it. Back to constipation again myself.

5 days today…even with bran, figs, prune jiuce, senna and movicol!

I will be ringing district nurse to administer suppositiries for me tomorrow, if I don`t go today.

luv Pollx

Thanks you for your replies.

I have taken the bisacodyl now for 3 nights. 1 the first, 2 the 2nd and 2 again last night. This is along with 10mls of lactulose 2 times a day.

I drink plenty of water, sultanabran for breakfast. When I have the energy our meals are cooked with all fresh produce.

Anyway, what I wanted to know is, should I go back to the doctor. I am in agony, feel nauseous, back is sore right up to my bra strap. Not pain but ache so I think its linked.

I know this may be TMI but there is nothing “ready to come out”. It’s not like im sitting on the toilet for hours trying to strain. It just seems to be further up my system that things are not working.

If I do go back, what else can they give me?

Have you tried taking lots of movicol in one go? - the leaflet says “For the treatment of faecal impaction the dose is eight sachets a day, all of which should be taken within a six hour period. You can make up this dose all at once (dissolve eight sachets in one litre of water) and keep it covered in the fridge. Drink the total amount over six hours. (If you have a heart condition you should not take more than two sachets in any one hour.) A course of treatment for faecal impaction does not normally exceed three days.”

Although I think as you are so uncomfortable you really need to see a doctor, if you can’t see your GP today maybe A & E is the answer

Hi, I am no expert but just reading what you say, I think it would be an idea to at least phone your doctor. I think you are worried apart from anything else and you need to resolve this one way or the other. Good luck. Cheryl:)

I have found dried apricots can help. (The apparently encourage water back into the stool making it softer again.) Also lots of water…I tend to get worse with things like bran as they have plenty of fibre but no fluids to help with the softening.
Hope it gets better soon xx

Hi there, if our bowels don’t function properly then we don’t function properly - get some kiwi fruit in your diet - usually does the trick for me - good luck…

Me again…holding off on that call to district nurse…i`ve been…hope you have too!

luv Pollx

Thanks everyone. Don’t think there is anywhere else I could get such good advice and support about things like this

Been to see doctor. She was shocked at how bad I am. Told me to keep up the fluids, keep on with the lactulose (can’t take the movicol now as throwing up and nauseous) and to up my bisacodyl to 4 tablets a night! I think when something does happen I just might explode!

I was talking to my MS nurse yesterday about this and my constant UTI’s and needing the toilet between 2-6 times a night. She has referred me to the bowel and bladder dysfunction clinic so hopefully I will get some help.

oddly I’ve been suffering for this for the last few months (have always had the opposite problem). I know I need to go but can’t actually go, if you know what I mean