Anybody taking Bisacodyl for constipation?

Good Morning Everyone,

Does anyone take Bisacodyl for constipation and if so what do you think about it? I have started taking the recommended two tablets but it is causing me to have painful cramps and diarahea. Although I want to be able to go to the toilet I can’t really work having to go to the toilet so many times and such urgency. I have been investigated to the highest level of my bowels and this is the only thing that works but it is so severe I doubt any of my tablets are staying in my body. Maybe I am taking it at the wrong time of the day.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Thank you

Martina x

Could you not try taking one bisacodyl and maybe a movicol( or cheaper version laxido).

Within my work environment we use senna/movicol/half movicol/ bisacodyl and lactulose in whatever combination seems to suit each person.

They have what we use as a maintenance dose daily and then if there is no bowel movement in 24hrs/2days or three days max( also individual rules for each person) we then move up a stage in how many bisacodyl they then have etc

It is also worth talking to a pharmacist about the best time to take them and he could put your mind at rest re your other meds.


I use bisacodyl but I wasn’t keen on be stomach cramps during the night so I changed to taking them during the day. Mistake. I ended up wanting to use the toilet in the middle of the night! It’s clearly states on the bottle to be taken at night - so be it. It still takes a few days of single dosage before I get a result however as I’m too afraid of the consequences of taking two!