Hi All, I have been struggling for a while with not being to empty my bowels, after trying various suggestions from my MS nurse and the bowel clinic it was decided it would be sensible to try suppositories. I have now been trying these on several occasions, I am still not having any success. My reason for the post is since I have been using these and increasing fruit/veg to 8 a day. I feel totally bloated, my middle is solid and feels like I am carrying a sack of spuds round my middle. I have got to the point I don’t want to eat as I can’t take anymore. Is this normal? I have also started Oxybutynin which I know doesn’t help with constipation, but that wasn’t really the problem it was just being able to perform the correct movements. This is really getting me down. I am going to speak to my ms nurse on Thursday when she is in the office. The joys of this disease that having us discuss these type of problems. Barney

Same as I was. Laxido or Movicol powders. Softener , not an addictive laxative. You can take six in six hours to get moving again and then start at one a day and then increase to what works long term. I’ve settled at 1-2 per day. Recommended by ms nurse about 5 years ago, on the NHS from my GP.

P S - if you’re bunged further up suppositories won’t work.

DON’T KNOW HOW REPEATS HAPPENED ! IPad operator problem.

Hello Barney My guess is, you would benefit from a doctor/nurse administering a fleet enema or something similar, if you’ve not had your bowels opened for 8 days. Stop eating fibre until you speak to the nurse Thursday…your just adding to the problem. Is there some reason why you can’t consult your doctor about this Barney? Take care Noreen :slight_smile:

Thanks. It is getting an appointment with my dr, going to call tomorrow as new set of appointments are out. Will use chat with MS nurse for some advice in the interim. I have only eaten one meal today as feel horrible. I have managed to move my bowels but still feel really bloated. Hope tomorrow calls will help

I hope you get sorted today Barney. Constipation can be really distressing. Some people even have to be admitted to hospital. Let us know how you get on. Noreen x

Correct on the last sentence Jen :slight_smile:

A nice hot curry always works for me :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions and advice didn’t realise your bowels get used to the suppositories. I don’t want that to happen. Called dr and have appt 3 march. Have left a message for MS nurse as she is working from a different location today. Hopefully she will call tomorrow and I can discuss this further. Barney

You need to ring back the surgery Barney… take it, you spoke to the receptionist.

You have chronic constipation, which can’t wait until the 3rd of march. This is not helping my blood pressure Barney



Telephone your GP - and tell the receptionist that it is urgent that you see a GP - that day. Don’t be put off - they have to keep a few emergency appointments free. And thats what you need. When we are suffering and feeling low - it is too easy for these receptionist to ‘fob’ us off.

lf you have a district nurse - ring her for help.

Bran/fybrogel etc - can do the opposite to what you want. They can ‘set’ like concrete. Yes, a good hot curry could start you off.

You might need a strong enema like Picolax - to completely empty you out.

l agree with Jen - keep off bread/grain/sugar apart from bunging you up they cause fatigue.

Do hope you find ‘relief’ soon.

Thanks everyone. I will start my battle with the drs first thing. I never have been to the drs so much. As I have had in the last 12 months. It feels like a full time job, there always seems something to sort out, I thought it would be easier knowing what it was. Am feeling relieved I have managed to work my hours this week. Barney