Laxative Effect

Hi, I bought a Vitamix blender a few weeks ago and since then have been making myself smoothies every now and then. Because I eat quite a bit of fruit already, I use coconut milk as a base then add in banana, blueberries, kale, cacao beans or whatever we’ve got in. I realised today that everytime I make one of these smoothies (or thickies, as my son calls them), after about 10 minutes I get stomach ache and have to go for a poo. I follow a Paleolithic diet and so eat a lot of fibre anyway,and usually need a poo 3 or 4 times a day, but these coconut milk smoothies still seem to trigger things to move along. Just thought I’d mention it incase it can be of any use to anyone else. I usually use about half a can of coconut milk per smoothie, which makes enough to fill a large glass with some spare, plus they’re quite filling and I only usually can manage half before I have to go to the loo. Plus, if I drink it too quickly, it makes me feel sick. Heather

Hi Heather. That could be a good tip for anyone suffering with constipation.

why not make a smaller glass, using less coconut milk, if you think thats whats causing the urgency?

Ill have to google paleothic` diet…not heard of it.

I have to keep up my movicol, bran flakes and prune juice in order to go.


Hi Heather! i make smoothies too and use 1can of coconut milk in a big blender with all the fruits kale,spinich,rocket and watever else lying around.I then divide these up into seven tupperware cups with lids and freeze them . I take one out each day and sip away at it each time i go in the fridge. This way its not so harsh on my tummy and its good for you!!

By the way i just joined here hello!! Kitty xx