Bowel movements - something that helped me!

Hi everyone,

I know for some the subject of bowel
movements and constipation is still an embarrassing subject, but also one that can be top of the list of troubling symptoms for many.

This is something that has bothered me for many years, even before diagnosis. Sometimes it has been so bad I have bled. I have tried Movicol, Senna, Fibrogel and docusate. I’ve tried various doses of each and mixed them up a bit too. They have had no effect for me. I tried a high fibre diet and that too failed. I really prefer to not take medications wherever possible and have been trying out various things. I have now found something that works for me and wanted to share in case it helps anyone else. The reason for constipation is different for all of us, so no promises, but worth a try.

Everyday for breakfast I have:

One dessert spoon (larger than tablespoon) of Super Linseed from Aldi

Two desert spoons of ready brek

I mix that with 2/3 of a bottle of Biotiful Kefir yogurt drink.

One small handful of blue berries and 6 or 7 raspberries.

Mix all together and then pour the rest of the Kefir on top.

You can eat it straight away or make the night before and pop in the fridge.

You can’t warm it up or you will kill the good gut bacteria in the Kefir. I also don’t have a hot drink 45 mins or after for the same reason.

I don’t know if it also helps, but I have a mug of cocoa every night with a little Options Mint Chocolate to sweeten it up a bit.

I now go relatively easily almost every day. The relief is amazing, both physically and mentally.



Thank you for this. Yours is probably the post most of us (me included) read first today - who isn’t looking for good ideas in the bowel department?! :grinning:


Thanks Foxy. I too take a large desert spoon or two of flaxseed plus bran and some Blueberries on my ‘whole grain Jumbo oats’ with oat milk. I do have to keep reminding my self to drink plenty of water !

Some handy tips :+1:

I already use macrogol, senna and docusate. Also the milled flaxseed (linseed) on top of cereal, and Lactobacillus Casei probiotics so am right with you on the varied methods. Good tip about refraining from hot drinks for a little while after the probiotics - had read it but forgotten t too!

Have also started using suppositories - either glycerol or bisacodyl. Only a few times so far but have worked when all else seemed not to have worked.

MS slows the bowel so not only causes constipation, but also slows the time the laxatives take to work, so can take a day or so to reach the “business end” of the problem. Can be easy to overdo laxatives and by the time they start working, they are working too well and sends the problem to the other extreme… Hence why I started experimenting with suppositories.

Actually, that’s a great breakfast you are having. I am pleased it’s helping you. I eat a similar breakfast to you. However I replace all fruit in your recipe with a fig, as it works better in my case.

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Thank you for your post, I have colitis so know the various problems caused with our bowels…good to share information :grinning: