Laughter is the best medicine

I had to laugh today:

I took my 12yr old twin boys to Disneyland last Christmas and never qued up for anything. Their class in school are going to Alton Towers next month, before they break up for the summer hols.

Not one child wanted to go with the school… coz they all said:

We want to go with those twins & their dad instead, coz hes got a super fast track speedy pass and they never have to que up for anything !!! Ive now got 22 kids texting me wanting to know when we are going to Alton Towers.

Also just had a text off one of my children saying: Dad, everyone in school thinks your a super hero ! I replied: Yes i am, coz ive got an ‘osis’, a cape, i can fly and i can turn invisible when ever i want ! So get on with your school work, coz im watching you right now.

Laughter is certainly the best medicine :slight_smile:

Hi Dave,

Had to chuckle at your story. You’d better get a coach hired straight away!!

Hilary x

Hilary: Nooooo, i can fly and will take each child individualy. No need for transport when ones a Super Hero :wink: x

me come too pleeze?


No probs Poll, you can get in free as my carer :slight_smile:

I can bring 3 of my carers, so everyone can help out.


Great… whos making the picnic ? :slight_smile:

That made me laugh Dave! Last September my daughter and I went to Turkey. I had wheelchair assistance. We boarded first but got of plane last. But the airport handlers take you to the front of all ques! Passport/visa then baggage collection then straight to coach! So your first on board! Well my daughters just been away with boyfriend and had to que she said she’d rather take me and get treated like a VIP! Chris

I recently went off to Sicilly with my family and could not believe the speed we went through the airport with me in the wheelchair, passing all the queers and having a great chat with the airport staff. It was an event which I will never forget firstly because it was to celebrate my cousines marriage and secondly because I over did it by dancing spasmodically for an hour, and the result has been that I have learnt a big lesson, because since I have got back I can’t read properly now and miss chunks out of words and my ability to steer myself through doors is impossible and walking is difficult. Increased time spent in bed is helpful though and am hoping to regain myself soon through this and trying to find normal total happiness.

Oh dear - I did say that I have problems reading words now and on the second line above please replace the word starting with qu with “queues”. Apologies Mike.

Didn’t notice it until you pointed it out, Mike. Made me smile though, so thanks. Nina

Do you know Nina - Birwatching is a fabulous sport and I do that too. In fact I am always tempted to communicate with them through whistleing, and get into so much trouble laughing and my lovely wife and children who get so embarrassed with it. I am a firm believer in the laughing tablet though, and I really do think it keeps us young and defeats that horrible thing we call MS - which are my initials as well. Incidentally my favourite hobby is painting and you can see that on www. Tap in my name under artists. If I can do that with MS then you can too - have a look at my “seagull” painting, of which I was almost able to pat on the head, and so much enjoyed talking with it.

Do you know it is very peculiar but I have now been told it was my neice’s wedding I went to and not my cousin’s. As you will surely know MS has a lot to be sorry for ! I can thankfully remember her name though and indeed his.

Oh my god… i dread to think what prezzie you got them ! haaaaaaaaa