Laughter is such a tonic

Hello all fellow ppmsers.

This is just a small anecdote that I wanted to share with you.

I play wheelchair tennis as fortunately it is only my legs and not my arms that are affected. It's not as easy as it may sound as by the time you've got the chair, and then the racket in the right place to hit the ball, the ball has often sailed right by you. The other day, after we had been coached the backhand, we were sent off in pairs to throw the ball to each other to practice hitting a backhand. Myself and the other ppmser I was paired with spent most of that time in fits of giggles as neither of us could throw the ball accurately enough for it to get to the other in the right place for them to hit it. We spent more time fetching all the balls we'd missed than actually hitting any. By the time we'd finished we were crying with laughter, and it felt soooo good.




Hi Hils

Oh I agree with you, laughter is such a good tonic, better than any drug.

Saying you play tennis reminded me of a funny (but true) story from a few years ago.  A friend of ours, who was 80 at the time, played tennis regularly in a group of elderly people.

He was telling my husband that he had to play with an "old woman" (who was 60!) and he explained that once he hit the ball over the net to her, he had time to make himself a cup of tea whilst he was waiting for the ball to come back.  Tickled us pink cos he was 20 years older than her, but he considered her old but not himself.happy2

Hope it gives you a wry smile as well, take care


Now that sounds like a great way to exercise! Your lungs will have got a work out with all that laughing!

Great stuff!

luv Pollx

Hi all,

Was down in the hosp this morning with my husband. The ms department is located in the neurological disease section in th basement and my husband asked if they were all ms patients while we were in the waiting room. No I said it's for alzis, parkies,epis and gimps(thats us). He nearly fell off his chair laughing. Thank God no one else in the waiting room could understand English.